Marty vs. Showers: Bitter Rivals Meet

This morning, bitter rivals met in a long-standing battle of will. Because of their proximity, these rivals know each other well and Showers, the perennial favorite, has done well at holding ground. What makes Showers so indomitable? It’s the sheer drudgery, knowing that to take down this opponent requires rarely used resources. And, even though victory is so sweet, often […]

A Low Level of Agitation

So I’m washing a few sweaters today in my clothes washer. It says on the tags to use cold water and the gentle cycle on the machine, which I am. Just for giggles I thought I’d watch the action going on under the lid for awhile. I’m not real sure what is supposed to happen so I’m doing some research […]

Snow in Seattle Now and Then

My younger sister published a post showing her girls playing in the snow in their backyard in Seattle. Snow is not a common occurrence so it is celebrated by children and adults alike with snowballs, snowmen and general wonderment at the white stuff. Just like the day shown in the photo here, except this one is from 1968, in the […]