Bodies The Exhibition

Finally going to see Bodies The Exhibition tomorrow. While the controversy is significant, I’ll put that aside and have an open mind to enjoy exploring the human body in ways most will rarely get the opportunity to do. This exhibit has been on tour since 2005 and I’ve been anxiously awaiting it’s arrival in the Indianapolis area. The controversy likely […]

Sibling Similarity

My sister put up a new profile picture on her blog the other day that immediately reminded me of another photograph. My sister’s photo was taken when she was about 9 years old, in 1974 1978 (she’s on the right in the photo at right).  The picture I’m remembering was of me when I was 9 or ten (on the […]

New Airport in Indianapolis

Community Days this weekend, I took the tour Sunday. The new Indianapolis airport is due to open November 12, and the first day of the open house attracted 12,000 visitors. I was happy to read that the airport was built and will be run without taxpayer support. They did a good job marketing the event, with plenty of television and […]

Ready for ReadyBoost?

I like power, I like speed. That’s why I make my car go fast with fun modifications. So, when I started hearing about “readyboost” I thought this was another product or technique to make a turbo charged or super charged engine work more efficiently. Well, no. Microsoft quietly (to me anyway) released a feature for thier Windows Vista operating system […]