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Spending Categories from Mint.comI’ve been using for a few weeks now and I’m hooked. They do a great job of helping you visualize where you money is now, where it’s been and where it’s going. If you’re one that can get past the somewhat insecure feeling you get when entering all your login data for your various income and expense accounts into one website (like me), then give it a try. I learned out this from a NY Times article by Ron Lieber, you might need a login at this link, give it a shot.

They recently added an Investments section – how timely to see how your 401(K) or IRA is tanking. You do see the good side, your contributions now are purchasing stock, bonds, etc. at cut-rate prices.
Using also supports my habit to never use cash since it recognizes all your debit and credit card transactions and places them in the correct spending categories (after some training, if needed). If you use cash you have to then remember what you purchased and self-categorize (umm – no). There are so many other features, you’ll have to explore and discover them on your own – you’ll love it.

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