I have absolutely no idea . . .

what I’m going to do this weekend. I left work at the normal time, walked into my house and put my bag down, changed my clothes and then stopped . . . and realized I have no plans, no appointments, no projects, nothing at all on my calendar. Excellent! That’s my perfect weekend!

So let me think . . . tonight, CSI from TiVo; tomorrow I’ll start with a workout on the elliptical followed by a check on whether the Art Center is actually going to hold their aluminum pour, then maybe poke around the garage a bit. I know, I’ll wash out the floor of the garage prior to the winter muck season. Of course all the required chores must get done as well – laundry, groceries, etc.

Maybe this’ll be the weekend I ready my accumulation of eBay worthy car parts, tech gadgets, old cell phones, etc. There, I’ve filled my weekend.

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