The joys of a new winter season observed.

I enjoy the change of seasons and do my best to celebrate appropriately. As the weather has changed over the past few days my instincts have led me to:

  • Stop at Starbucks for a Venti Hot Chocolate (yes with whipped cream).
  • Add split pea and bean with bacon soup to my shopping basket.
  • Remove the window screens and wash the windows.
  • Transfer my stack of sweat pants from the hall closet to my bedroom closet.
  • Unfold and put the electric blanket on my bed.
  • Replace the filter in the whole-house humidifier.
  • Turn on the furnace and confirm its proper operation.
  • Find my slipper-socks to keep my feet covered and warm.

The amazing part is that I do all this with no complaint and little to no planning. It just gets done!

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